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segunda-feira, janeiro 31, 2011

Patience and Perseverance..Paciência e Perseverança!!!!!

Patience ( acrylic on papwr cotton)

Hello dear readers and friends!. 
Today I will talk a little about patience and perseverance. two virtues that I have to admit healthy very difficult to cultivate. 
Patience of waiting that exam practices medicine marked to months... that is long months to get a vacancy for using an organ of the government. 

Patience to hope to find the ideal house to buy... you understands each other low price here and of good location and structure. 
Patience and perseverance to take the diet serialize her and not to fall in temptation.
Olá queridos leitores e amigos!
Hoje vou falar um pouco sobre paciência e perseverança.,duas virtudes que tenho que confessar são muito dificeis de cultivar.
Paciência de esperar aquele exame médico marcado ha meses...que por usar um orgão do governo demora meses a conseguir uma vaga.
Paciência para esperar encontrar a casa ideal para comprar...entenda se aqui preço baixo,boa localização e estrutúra.
Paciência e perseverança para levar a dieta a sério e não cair em tentações.

 Perseverance to finish that crochet begun at a long time and that this there in a forgotten song and for work of my crazy cat instead of growing shrinks only.  Patience to build my work little by little and perseverance for not giving up.. especially in days that seems that anything than I do is good enough or deserve to be seen.. or deserve to be bought.. or published.
Perseverança para terminar aquele crochett começado ha muito tempo e que esta lá em um canto esquecido, e que por obra de meu gato maluco em vez de crescer somente encolhe.  Paciencia para construir meu trabalho aos poucos e perseverança para não desistir ..especialmente em dias que parece que nada do que eu faço é bom o suficiente ou mereça ser visto..ou mereça ser comprado..ou publicado
My dream is to have books and more books with my illustrations published.. but there are days that leaning that maybe is better to stop to dream and to arrange a conventional work of 9 am late the 6pm in some office which wants.
am not I making an effort maybe enough?

Meu sonho é ter livros e mais livros com minhas ilustraçoes publicados..mas há dias que penso que talvez seja melhor parar de sonhar e arranjar um  trabalho convencional de 9h as 18h da tarde em algum escritorio qual quer.  Talvez eu nao esteja me esforçando o suficiente?

Or maybe this is just a bad Monday.
Ou talvez hojé seja uma segunda-feira ruim!
Yasmin and Theo.

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  1. Estos gatitos te salen tan tiernosssssssssssssss............que bonitossssssssssssss.............. jajajajaja.......que gracia lo que les gusta clabar las uñitas en la lana. Un besazo.

  2. I think you are having a bad Monday.
    There are days when I get so discouraged that I think I will quit working with the animals and get an easy desk job with benefits. But I remind myself that a long time ago I had one of those and every day I felt like it was sucking the life out of me. So keep your head up! You are a FANTASTIC ARTIST! I wish I was rich because I would buy all your work!
    XOXO - Cindi

  3. Hola Yasmin and thank you for coming by my blog and leaving me your lovely and very sweet comment. I love your kitty...I wish I could have one, but my Senor Cacahuate hates cats!! LOL

    Your name is in the hat for my giveaway..good luck and have a wonderful week.


  4. Hope your day is much happier today!
    Loads of love to you!
    Keep going, you could make your own book. Look on LULU see if this would work for you.

  5. pero qué guapo es este gatitooo! y qué bien saber aprovechar los rayitos del sol, me encanta la ilustración con su jersey, los gatiños pasan muucho frío... besito!

  6. Precioso gat, me lo guardo, con sus maullidos, para el blog de "Pinzellades al Món".

    Beijos / Besadetes

  7. Jeje me encantan tus post Yazmin, como siempre buenísimos!!!
    Un abrazote!

  8. Hermoso, Yasmin! Que tengas un gran fin de semana

  9. My goodness! Hihi to see your cat nibble at your crochet work... you can tell he's on a mission!
    Adorable illo